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Hornby TTS
 Posted: 1 Jul 2017 08:31
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Joined: 5 Dec 2015
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Not bad at all Ed. :thumbs:

I have also noticed the release date on the TTS decoders and I have also noticed that the 'box shifter' has A4 Gadwall in Garter Blue with TTS sound for 70.00 and the Flying Scotsman for 85.00and a Class 40 for 74.00..! (all Rail Road models of course). They are all great prices considering the decoders will be priced at 36.00 !

Cheers, Gary.

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 Posted: 1 Jul 2017 09:20
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Ozzy Rubber Gauger

Joined: 1 Jan 2016
Location: Central Coast NSW, Australia
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Agree Gary the TTS models are at great prices

One of the members at the train club got one of the TTS sound A4 rail road models and swapped it's DCC with his previously purchased full detail range Hornby A4
I believe he planned to resell the RR model will probably still get good money for it, making it a cheap sound equiped model conversion

Happy Modelling down under

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 Posted: 1 Jul 2017 09:25
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Joined: 6 Feb 2016
Location: West Anglia Main Line, United Kingdom
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Got this one for 79.50 Gary, from the South Yorkshire box shifter.

Could have had the same one in Railfreight livery for 10 less, but I couldn't face adding yet another loco to the queue waiting to be painted blue :mutley2:

Whichever one you get, if you take off the cost of the decoder your getting a brand new loco for around 50, which can't be bad.


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