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Recommend a controller?
 Posted: 12 Nov 2017 10:04
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Ozzy Rubber Gauger

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Hi I also can second the idea, to try a few in your hand to see what works for you and most importantly, feels best.:thumbs:

I have a few systems that I use, CVP (Easy DCC), NCE (Pro Cab wireless system). Sprog with JRMI and mobile app via iphone or iPad

As for a hand set I prefer the CVP hand set with a rotary knob for control. The CVP system is a base comand station with both wired hand sets and wireless, however the earlier hand sets are limited by there No of function buttons later ones have a shift function to access more functions.
The CVP has the ability to do programming with out interruptions to the layout control it also has 2 throttles built into the base station as well

The NCE Pro CabR is also a base station with the facility’s for wired and radio cabs, but is controlled via the Pro Cab hand set everything is done via the hand set, programming, loco control, functions etc they do have the option for a small dumb throttle that will just do the control
However if using the programming track option everything on the main shuts down. As a new to DCC the NCE is probably the way to go. You can get a base power cab it’s cheaper than a good DC throttle, it’s a bit limited in its power output, but you can add to the system later on to give it more power or look at as an investment in your hobby enjoyment and go the full house PowerCabR and never have to buy another set up again

Another option but not a stand alone one is the Sprog that is an interface between your Computer and the layout using JMRI you can control via an App from your phone or iPad or PC
The Sprog also gives you easy access for programming you Locos and accessory decoders, VIA JMRI with a graphic display in a easy to use click and go way, instead of individual CV changes with lots of button pressings.

The JMRI program can also communicate with most DCC base systems giving wireless control with your phone app via wifi

Try a few and see how they feel in you hand and if it works for you go for that one.

Happy Modelling down under

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