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o gauge progress
 Posted: 15 Nov 2017 11:14
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Joined: 25 Mar 2016
Location: Armadale Western Australia, Australia
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Retaining wall using 6mm Ply and 5mm Ply. First I have lots of 00 Scalescenes  Brick, buildings, etc etc that I've had for quite a while. SO firstly selected TX_24 00 Brown brick, then used 175% to bring it upto'0' Scale and printed out A4 sheets on (Double sided Matte 250 GSM Photo paper) for wall, then printed out two more on ordinary copy paper for abutments and ease of folding.
The colour turned out better for me these colours Below

Wall 6mm Ply,  Abutments 5mm ply

Capping stones 00 scale Metcalfe Pavers they worked out just right (for my wall tops):thumbs: 

walls will go at back from left corner to rear of engine shed, :scratchchin:
which is 2.3 meters in length, http://www.clickRALPH

If you want it, like it, go for it, as you only come this way once, it's not a trial run !!!
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