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A bridge too far
 Posted: 1 Dec 2017 18:21
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Competition number 7 is nearly at a close so we need something else to keep the fingers supple. :avatar:

This competition is all about bridges. The scope is quite simple.

Build a bridge. The criteria is as follows .........

It can be any kind in any scale but it must be done using Scalescenes prints. Now ...... You could all go running off and download a Scalescenes bridge ........ That's fine but the smarter umongst you may take items or General Scalescenes building papers and come up with your own.

As I'm sure you will all know Scalescenes kits and papers are all very keenly priced so it need not cost the earth.

You can use other materials for detailing etc Ie, paints, powders, scenic foliage and I'll even stretch it to coffee stirrers and the likes to allow a bit of variation and creative betterment but the main structure must be created from the Scalescenes papers.

I will make the closing date for this the end of February ( midnight on the last Saturday).

The prizes will be for first second and third and will be £50, £30 and £ 20 respectively.

This competition is open to all including the mods. As usual, we want to see your progress posted up at reasonable intervals and on completion a group of three images submitted as your final submission.

Please start your own thread under the scratch build section to show your progress and when you have your build finished, place your submitted images on the competition build thread and clearly state that this is your entry.

Any questions ........ Fire away and ......... Good luck to all who enter.



Sometimes I wish the world was full of Norman Wisdoms. Chaotic ......... Yes, but a world where the sun shines on everyone
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