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About cookies on this web site
 Posted: 11 Dec 2015 12:45
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On 26th May 2012 the new UK cookie regulations came into force, which make it necessary to inform you about the cookie files used by this web site.

This Platform 1 web site at will store 3 cookies on your computer. Each one is a small text file:

1. a cookie file containing your user name and password, and the date and time when you read recent topics. This information allows you to be automatically logged in when you visit Platform 1, and for the site to correctly show which topics contain new posts since your last visit. The information in this cookie is encrypted and meaningless to any other web site. This cookie is valid for 5 years from the date of your last login.

2. a cookie file recording your selected option for the number of small images to show on the Photo Gallery pages. This cookie is valid for 5 years from the date of your last visit to the Photo Gallery.    

3. a cookie file recording where you are in the world. This information is provided by your browser and allows your local time to be correctly shown on the Platform 1 pages. This cookie expires when you close your browser.

By permitting cookies for in your browser settings and then visiting this web site you are giving Platform 1 implied permission to store these cookies on your computer. If you do not wish to have these cookies on your computer please disable cookies for in your browser settings. If you disable cookies you will not be able to access some functions on this web site.

Some pages on this web site may contain embedded content from other web sites, such as YouTube videos. These sites may also store cookies on your computer. Platform 1 has no control or knowledge of these cookies. If you are concerned please refer to the relevant web sites and do not click the embedded content or play the videos. is hosted on a web server located in the Cera.Net data centre at 826 Morrison Road, Columbus, Ohio, USA, and maintained by hosting provider Data 1 Systems Inc.


Any content which you submit to Platform 1, including personal information and personal messages, will be stored on that server and accessible to others under the relevant provisions of USA law and the terms and conditions of Cera.Net and Data 1 Systems Inc.
If you are happy to have cookies from Platform 1 stored on your computer you do not need to do anything.

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about cookie files used by this web site

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