Bodgeford: OO gauge 90x28cm

Discussion in 'Planks' started by Graham K, Dec 4, 2020.

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    Dec 14, 2015
    In my head I have a sort of vision on what I'm trying to achieve with a layout build, the problem is I don't have the time or skill to get where I want be. It's at that point I get side tracked with other stuff. Thats probably why I've got 4 O gauge layouts and 2 00 layouts that need finishing. I am determined the latest will be "finished" and operational for exhibitions next year (if they keep going ahead, I've seen photos on farce book of Ellis Trains gig, well attended, hardly anyone wearing masks and no social distancing) but probably the smaller sized local shows.

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    Dec 2, 2020
    It was partly for similar reasoning that I started with just a small plank, thinking it wouldn't take me too long to get finished and wouldn't over-challenge my limited (known or otherwise) skills. But I've actually found it's taken me far far longer than I imagined! Admittedly not helped by my somewhat stop-start approach to modelling and my preference to avoid spending the £'s. I think there's also a creeping realisation in my head that it's probably the planning and building that appeals to me more than operation of a completed layout. I heard or read somewhere that a layout is never finished - am sure there's always something to add or tweak, so that probably holds true.

    Am hoping that the Darlington MRC exhibition on 16/17Oct will go ahead as planned, it's always a good one and in such a good venue.
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