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    I mentioned in a recent post on restoring tools that I had an imperial height gauge. Since that post I have spent a bit of time cleaning it up and then out of the blue I acquired a metric version. Although I am comfortable with imperial weights measurements less than 1/4 inch may as well be written in hieroglyphs for all the sense they make to me hence my decision to put this tool up for sale.

    As an aside I recently (last month) watch a YouTube video where a gent was restoring a British NSF Company Vernier calliper and he had done some research into British NSF Co It seems that they were set up in Britain in 1932 by a German company Nurnberger Shraubenfabrik over time they were subject to a number of takeovers finally being part of the Lucas group and when it looked like Lucas were going to close them they staged a management buy out and still exist today. - see link below for a potted history of the company.

    A Short History of NSF Controls - NSF Controls

    As a result of seeing this the guy on YouTube concluded that it seems likely that the verniers and height gauges were badged with the company name and issued to staff rather than being a specific tool brand in their own right.






    Although this attachment for holding a dial indicator was in the box when I got it I doubt that it's original albeit it very useful an makes the tool much more versatile


    The box is in reasonable condition for it's age but over time the top and bottom panels have shrunk a little allowing the joint between the two pieces of ply to become quite visible.


    £35 plus postage at cost.

    Payment by bank transfer please

    Unfortunately I don't plan any more visits to shows until next year but collection from Wensleydale is an option.
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