Warren Yard - 6 - Loco Services - Coal and Water

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    The primary requirements of steam age locomotion are provided by means a modest coaling stage and a fair sized water tower.


    The coaling stage is a manual arrangement typically for loading tank locos of the yard and branches and may if asked politely help an almost empty mainline loco passing through. Coal is delivered in 10 to 12 ton open wagons and shovelled with the aid of a bucket and crane between wagons and coal pile on the stage.

    The coaling stage was bought very much as shown, to which I have added decking and replaced the surrounding paper brickwork with plastic brickwork coloured and weathered in to match the other structures. The framing on the deck is of balsa wood with a crane, two workers, plenty of coal piled up and a working lamp standard attached with a neatly attached cover on top. Lovely piece of work by the previous owner.

    Some crude image editing has been applied to the background to remove background clutter in the images taken facing out from the layout, I might get to grips with image editing one day.

    1 DSCF0006.JPG

    2 DSCF0008.JPG

    3 DSCF9991.JPG


    Water is supplied from the water tower to a crane by the coaling stage and to two other cranes on the shed sidings, this was a Skaledale resin building of a LMS water tower. The brickwork window frames and door are repainted. Lintels and the capping stone work painted grey in line with local minerals.

    The water tank panels have been painted similar to the signal boxes giving a link to the previous livery of the area.

    Water cranes are as made Hornby Dublo models.

    Plenty more grot, ash and water puddles required here and like most other areas I must get more staff in action as it always looks like a Sunday, deserted ...

    4 DSCF0002.JPG

    5 DSCF9453.JPG

    Next, sand and lamp oil

    Discussion always :welcome:

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    I like that coal stage Jim.......I might have to copy that ......:scratchchin:
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