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    In the sixties diesels started creeping in everywhere, even into Warren Yard on shunting duties, later they became known as Class 03, 07, and 08.

    Class 08 and further medium weight diesels such as the Class 14 are used on trip duties to and from neighbouring marshalling yards, as well as the Blue Circle Class 14 operating out of the cement works on the local industrial branch. These all qualify for top up refuelling here.

    So a small refuelling tank was installed, not in a really suitable place, but it was all that was available, situated between the steam loco servicing facilities and the turntable, certainly annoys the steam engine crews when they are waiting to be turned!

    The tank is a simple affair with tank filling pipe, loco filling pipe, tank oil level gauge, inspection access, pump and a pump control panel. The tank is mounted on stone block built cradles and is surrounded by a bund wall. Simply weathered to look a bit grimy.

    1 DSCF6162.JPG

    2 DSCF6163.JPG

    3 DSCF6169.JPG

    4 DSCF6170.JPG


    Tank, one from the Ratio 530 Oil Tanks Plastic Kit OO Gauge.
    Pump and panel from Kibri 39430 Diesel Fuel Station HO/OO Gauge Plastic Kit.
    Pipework custom, gauge from the Ratio kit.
    Bund walling using Wills brick and house roof ridge tiles.
    Solder used for coiled fuelling hose, Merit oil drums.

    In Place

    5 DSCF6485.JPG

    6 DSCF6488.JPG

    Next, turntable

    Discussion always :welcome:


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