0-4-0 O gauge shunter purchase.

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    Dec 14, 2015
    I was very lucky to be able to buy Bitterns Connoisseur models kit built 0-4-0 steam shunter.
    I had dithered over it but SWMBO gave the green light and the deal was done, it arrived a couple of days later and very well packed. I had gone back over the build thread to remind myself of how it went together. The photos didn't do the loco justice, it is a cracking little engine very well built and beautifully painted. Now he did say there were a couple of things left to fit, the roof and whistle.
    I wish I had taken photos before I started work on it, the first job I did was to make and fit some balance weights to the wheels and adjust the Slaters pick ups so all 4 were making contact.

    Then I formed the roof curve, soldered two lengths of brass wire underneath to hold the roof on and still be able to remove it if needed.

    And in place, it will be taken off for painting.

    I have primed the roof and painted the top ready for painting the underside tomorrow once it has dried. I also painted the wheel weights and smoke box flat black.

    Cheers, Pete.
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    Very nice .....
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