A further experiment in coach lighting.

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    The difficulty is finding a magnet with the required amount of 'magnetism' Pete. I know this sounds daft, but having experimented with different strength magnets, I didn't manage to find one with the right amount of said 'magnetism'! The way the 'Layouts4u' switches work is by using 'attract' and 'repel', switching done by turning over the 'Magic Wand' to move opposite poles near to the switch itself, thereby moving the tiny reed in the switch itself, but they have a tiny magnet secured to the side of the glass, and it's this magnet that I can't seem to replicate, despite experimenting. I guess that's why 'Layouts4u' can get away with charging £3 a go when you can buy 'standard' switches without the magnet at around 10 for £3, and neither Timbersurf or me can find an alternative supplier (except by the thousand!)
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