Bachmann 33-825Y 25 Ton Queen Mary brake van

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    Bachmann 33-825Y 25 Ton Queen Mary brake van
    Number LDS56293 in BR Bauxite

    To call this a review seams a little pretentious on my part but I wanted to share the model with readers who like something a little different. A sure way to spin a few extra pennies for the retailer is to produce limited editions. Sometimes they come with a certificate sometimes just announced as a limited run of a given number of about 504. Can anybody explain this arbitrary number? Its always been a mystery to me.

    The model is one of Bachman’s more established offerings, having been around for several years. The apparently insatiable demand for unusual liveries presents the ideal opportunity to produce something different without the expense of new tooling.
    On this occasion, commissioned by the Cornish retailer Kern Model centre who have a well documented history of bringing limited editions to market.
    My first experience of seeing one of the ”Queen Mary” brakes was one cold night at Ipswich, some 35 years ago when some friends told me about a departmental move. With steaming Max-Pax tea in its flimsy, brittle container with the lid that never fitted
    properly and notebook in hand we stood for a couple of hours waiting for the rare visitor. As promised, without any ceremony it trundled past on an unremarkable freight, the destination of witch was unknown! Two hours to see a tatty wagon, by now you must think we had lost it or had nothing better to do but for us it was more about doing something together with the expectation of something hitherto not seen at the busy East Anglian junction.
    Personal observation
    The real attraction for me is the livery. The large electrification sign and diagonal grey stripe hint of future development on the railway along with those cheerful warning stripes, a plethora of data panels and bright yellow buffer beams and a chance to run trains that would otherwise not be seen in regular service. Price and value. This is very subjective. Weighing in at around £19.00 upwards, according to the retailer’s site this slightly higher cost of £25 sets it apart from the retail catalogue but seams quite fair compared to purchasing decals and paint for a home produced equivalent.

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    Very nice indeed. Something a little different. I like anything with the black and yellow warning panels.

    Nice model.



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