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    Having completed the kit for the competition I feel it’s only fair to new do a review...

    Where do I begin?
    Well, how about actually at the end. For £9.99 or what ever your equivalent currency is, it is great value. Yes, unlike a super quick model or Metcalfe where they are pre printed, it may cost you a bit extra for card, paper and printing ink, but for what you get, it’s a smashing little model. The design of the kit I would say is 9.5 out of 10. I’ll explain the reason why below.
    The easiness to build, 9 out of 10 - to be fair that was down to the top small a picture on the instructions making it harder to work out what you need to do.
    Overall appearance 10 out of 10. The layout of the buildings and look just gives so much potential and ideas. I even think it would scale up to O and make a great minimum space shunting layout..

    But back to the kit design.....
    It was the first time I had done a downloaded and print your own kit and it took a few hours to get in to the way it worked. Once started, it was actually straight forward, but just lacked the little bit of instructions of starting off. It may also help to say initially which page the part your looking for is on too (you start with 40!!! Sheets of A4! Although some are not finally used as they are duplicates on colour variations.
    What did niggle and I feel like suggesting back to the designer was some lack of flexibility... the chimney of the side of structure B built at the beginning but not fitted till the end... and then you have to use it as there is a cut out in the back scene... why? Why did there need to be the cut out?

    Also when I built the left hand structure (C?) it has a hopper on the top... but you have to modify the kit by printing twice to make the roof panel... to me, it would have been simpler to make the full panel with a line to trim it to to fit the hopper if you wished?
    And the last bit was re the cut outs.. there was a small template, but I really didn’t understand the instructions on how to use it so went my own route. Which didn’t then make the front platform fit, so I had to modify that...

    Hey ho.. the person who never made a mistake never made....

    All in all 28.5 out of 30.

    For anyone wanting an OO small space shunting layout... here you go. And it boxes up to be put away on a shelf!


    I have some more of their kits to build now I have some left over card.

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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the review. Always nice for someone to go the extra mile. I'm sure it can only assist others who are considering having a go as well.

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