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Discussion in 'Scenics' started by Gary, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Dec 5, 2015
    This is another request from Toto on how to produce small bushes using quilt batting and foam for foliage.

    For the foliage, I have chosen the Gormo method of soaking some foam in a variety of green shades, allow to dry, then chop up in a food processor. Don't let SWMBO know your using here favourite food processor !

    The Gormo method : Episode 90 17 A New Method for Home Made Flocking

    Cubed up foam that has been painted and dried.

    Into the food processor, in my case the Nutri-bullet !

    The finished product bagged up.

    Now to make the branches or frame for the bush you need some quilt batting. This is available from craft stores or fabric stores.

    The quilt batting.

    Cut a length about 4" wide. You will notice that this has been layered.

    One layer has been teased off the rest. You will get plenty of individual sheets from this one strip.

    Next up is to paint the strip with either a brown or deep green rattle can paint.

    Once dry, cut this into pieces and scrunch up into a rough bush like shape. This then has to be sprayed with either a rattle can of hair spray, photo mount glue or any other rattle can adhessive you have handy. Now whilst the glue is wet/tacky, apply the home made foliage to this. Allow this to dry (about ten minutes) before applying another layer of foliage if required.

    This will become reasonably stiff so it can be handled. The bush is now ready to glue onto the layout using PVA.

    Job done.

    If you have some Noch leaves in your scenics bin, add these instead of another layer of grounded up foam.

    Cheers, Gary.
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    Dec 5, 2017
    A great thread and another money saver. I'll be giving that a bash once my current stocks have ran out. I already have a coffee grinder at the ready. :avatar:

    Thanks for posting that up Gary. Most folks would have the basic materials at hand for it, especially the foam.


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    Gary a very useful thread and I for one will be using this inexpensive item to make my bushes.:thumbs:
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