Dapol signals and operations

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    I have just started installing Dapol signals and the BLOCK Signalling Dapol Semaphore Signal Controller DAP1A and BOCK signalling Infra-Red Semaphore Signal Controller for Dapol Signals DAP2 the issue is the Power Supply as the module is designed for a supply voltage of 16V AC.
    There are separate output terminals on the module which are connected to the input terminals, and so provide the same voltage to the signals. However the issue I have is can you use 12 volt as it really doesn't make things very easy.

    The signals are the 4L-001-003 Dapol GWR Round Post Semaphore Signal – Home and Distant

    In the old days the only 16V AC supply available on a layout is the auxiliary output on an old DC controller, like the H&M Duet.

    The PDf instruction doesn’t explain the voltage requirements very well do I need a separate power pack and if what type (Aust power 240volt) and can I use 12 volts or will it fail.

    Hopefully I have explained myself.
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    That’s odd, as I’m sure I had to buy a voltage regulator to drop one of the older signals were 9v?

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    The signals them selves Dapol recommend to operate with DC voltage but will work with AC
    I’ll look up the control module Dap1a
    See this link for all the info on the connection of the and power has a lot of useful info on programming etc

    For power supply I suggest looking at a wall wart that has AC output often they are 15-16volt AC and this will be fine to run the control unit

    If you don’t have one Jacar sell several options for power supplies with AC voltages

    Another option is your DCC power supply into the command station is also AC
    I can’t remember what it’s set at you could use this as a supply as long as it around 16 volt. But it may be 18 volt if so a little too much
    Diagrams from the above link showing the wiring for the module for program and operating


    Signal instructions below
    looking at the Dapol Signal instructional page I have here it indicates voltages recommendation 12volt DC however will work from 9-14volts DC and will accept up to 14 volts AC I’ve added images of the instructional pages below

    Instructional sheet reproduced

    Note they recommend Stabilised power.
    As an option for power supply I suggest have a look at old mobile phone chargers or wall wart power supplies many are 9-12volt DC occasionally you will find a AC one I never throw these out when a device is life expired as they come in very handy and are used to power points, lights etc on the layout

    The power supply info

    First page overall

    Page 2 info text

    Page 2 wiring diagram

    Hopefully this helps
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    Tell you what... I’ll re read the original post... it wasn’t the signal voltage being asked about was it... it’s the board your connecting to...

    However, I’m sure I’ve read the new(er) redesigned dapol signals may have been changed in voltage... may be to make them more dcc friendly (ie work off a point control) or I may have dreamt it. If anyone gets a new one and can confirm I’d like to know.

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