Episode 139 20 Kit Bashing Card Red Brick Terraces

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    G`day Folks,
    You don`t have to be restricted to the finish that comes with proprietary kits, they can be adapted to suit what you would prefer on your railway.
    This sometimes can involve a lot of extra work.....ask me how I know this.?.....however the conversion today is one of the easier ones to complete.
    It is simply taking some Metcalfe Red Brick Terraces and spraying them with pastel colours. The colour is up to you or you could do them White......completely up to you.!
    The thing to keep in mind though, is that once you paint over the facade of the kit, you lose the printed window sills and lintels and door lintels.
    To overcome this problem, I print out new ones from my Drawing program and lay them over the painted finish.
    Below is the video that will make things a bit clearer.


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