Episode 140 20 Kit Bashing With Increased Level Of Difficulty

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    G`day Folks,
    Still on the kit bashing theme and why not, I think most of us have a crack at it from time to time during our railway modelling careers.
    This particular project has moved up a gear with the level of difficulty, in fact when you take the plunge into a project like this, you cannot be absolutely sure it will work out successfully, or just turn out to be a dismembered pile of parts that will no longer fit together as they were originally intended.
    But that is the nature of kit bashing.....you dive in with calculated ideas of how it will pan out, and if you`re lucky, you come out the other end with a little masterpiece that is totally individual.
    Masterpiece is a big claim to make folks, but when you come to the end of a successful conversion, that`s what it feels like for a little while. We know full well within ourselves that they are not masterpieces, however the sense of satisfaction derived from these projects is well worth the journey.
    This episode covers the conversion of a Metcalfe ( sorry Mr. Metcalfe :( ) Footbridge Kit. The kit has had it`s brick staircase supports replaced, has had the roof re-skinned with corrugated roofing, and has had strips of timber added to the timber paneling to add more relief.
    The idea was to make it look more like a typical GWR style of footbridge and I think I got a bit closer to that idea.


    Enjoy the video

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