Episode 152 20 Designing and Drawing Schematics for Control Panels Part 1

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    G`day Folks,
    Well the title is long and so is the video.
    I`ve had a couple of requests for a tutorial on how I go about making the schematics for my control panels.
    Sounds easy enough, but to explain it properly actually takes quite some time at the computer keyboard, explaining the ins and outs of the software I use to make it happen.
    I have taken the stance that I`m teaching someone who`s never attempted such a thing before, so I`ve got back to basics....I think.
    Trouble is, as you know, when you get very familiar with a skill or a technique, sometimes you are too close to the action, so to speak, that you risk overlooking some detail because it is just burnt into your brain and you accept it as the norm.
    I think I am guilty of that in many ways, and sometimes I have to consciously pull myself back from racing ahead, because I am assuming subconsciously ,whoever I`m talking to is up to speed with the subject.
    It`s good to peg yourself back from time to time and reconsider how you might explain yourself.
    Anyway, enough self analysis.....this is the first video of two on this topic.
    Unfortunately, it is very long, at one hour and eleven minutes, so you better had settle in with a couple of beers and a good supply of crisps, pop corn, pretzels and the like to fortify you for the viewing.
    Part two will cover placing track layout designs into panels and will be in much the same format, although probably shorter in duration.

    This is what will be produced by the end of the video

    control panel.jpg

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