Episode 153 20 Designing and Drawing Schematics for Control Panels Part 2

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    G`day Folks,

    Well here is Part 2, as promised, in these rather lengthy tutorials,on how to design control panels using the LibreOffice suite.

    This episode focuses purely on track layout and design for a signal box style control panel for your model railway.

    I hope it will be of some use to some of you out there in railway cyber space, who are locked down at the moment, and scratching about for a project to take on.

    This pic below gives an impression of what can be created without very much trouble, provided a little time is put into learning the software. I must stress that the software side of the process is quite basic and does not require a degree in Quantum Mechanics for you to be able to use it, rather, it is quite the opposite in fact.

    Panel Design.jpg

    Enjoy the tutorial

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