Episode 91 17 Grow Your Own Static Grass

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    G`day Folks,

    Well don`t the weeks fly past.??

    We`re nearly up to the silly season official opening and here`s Gormo talking about growing your own static grass.

    Well that`s wrong for a start......I`m not growing it.....I`m making it.!!!

    The method is pretty much the same as making flocking, however in this case I am using inexpensive hemp rope and chopping it up into the desired lengths first before wacking it through the blender.

    The hemp was chosen as a safe alternative to the old fibrous carpet underlay method. I have been searching for health risks associated with hemp rope and I have drawn a blank at this stage, so I am happy to push on with it.

    Anyway....check it out in the video.....:thumbs:

    Grow Your Own Static Grass


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