Have Hornby got it right?

Discussion in 'Hornby RTR' started by Tallpaul70, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Mar 2, 2019
    I'm glad I don't have the job of deciding on a manufacturers range for the next year!

    Considering there are some 9 eras(using Hornbys terminology ) that are actively modeled by a good number of people, and there needs to be something in Locos, Coaches, Wagons, D/EMUs, buildings, and Accessories, no wonder something gets missed out.

    In the new crop I was pleased to see the Standard 78xxxs, and the A2s (although the latter not for my layout!), more colourful 66s at a good price(even if the detail is not up to that of others), and some more current/recent (Era 11) locos and coaches.
    The W is a bold choice, perhaps encouraged by good sales of the P2?
    The RBs will be welcome as will the LMS restaurant sets (but surely these will sell better in the maroon etc. liveries, maybe next year?).
    I had hoped for an ex GWR restaurant car, but fingers crossed for next year!

    I still think Hornby are weakest in wagons, (few BR ones this time apart from yet more brake vans!!).

    I also hoped for more TTS chips for those of us who can't distinguish the out of step steam beats and the diesels which are generally good for the price.

    This doesn't aim to be comprehensive a look, and pleas do not shout if I have ignored your favourite in the batch or your favourite that was missed out this year.

    At least this year (so far) my wallet will only get dented by the items for last year still to come such as the 61xxs!

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    Dec 16, 2015
    Hornby are no different to the other manufacturers inasmuch as they won't please everyone, just some of the people some of the time. They do seem in the main to be able to keep up with projected model release dates, something that Bachmann have been criticised for on occasions, although last years problems were mainly due to the Chinese authorities demanding they vacate their old factory for redevelopment rather earlier than Kader, the parent company anticipated, which resulted in a mad scramble to complete the new factory and move everything over, rather than meet the intended product release dates. With that problem hopefully now resolved, they may take a more realistic view on what to release and when. I do think sometimes that certain manufacturers are guilty of promising certain models to put off their rivals from making the same ones, although that hasn't stopped the bigger UK retailers from carrying through commissions of models that were already in the pipeline, the "Rails" 'Terrier' range springs to mind, though "Rails" seem to be marketing that as one a level (and price) above the Hornby offering. One thing I (and doubtless many others) would wish for from Hornby is a huge improvement in their Quality Control, which seems to be sadly lacking in recent times, incidents of wrongly connected decoder sockets, Zinc rot on chassis etc should definitely NOT be happening, especially considering the upward trend in prices of models.
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    Aug 4, 2018
    I’m still very surprised that there are only 2 comments on this subject 12 hrs after the release and the website being so overloaded it times out with 504 error messages...

    that aside...

    I’m gobsmacked!

    Gresleys “Hush Hush” W1 as built and rebuilt! Two bold new toolings (which really are limited in variations of livery! :scratchchin:)
    And the remake of their 1980’s model (which was no doubt more popular that the real thing!) the APT-E - which is very limited in livery variations.. something the model makers normally play on for their profits...

    so is this a bold step away which has seen a gradual inclination by many on the last few years to move away from the majority to some of the lesser and minority.

    not sure how many would end up on my running lines but, I have to say that it seems an interesting 100th anniversary catalogue... even with the duplication of the Class 91 electric with another company. :thumbs:
    On a personal note, yes I have tried to model the “A4” style W1 as a 17 year old (not to the best results... it sits hidden away at the back of the loft layout) and I have always admired the “tilting train”. But the prices do seem a little steep, that said when compared to what some were 40 years ago (a coach for about £9.99) they have only risen by about £9 every 10 years. Which compared to other items and the improvements on details, is that something to really quibble over?:whatever:
    See what I end up buying.;)


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