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    For the track plan you can also export / import from Anyrail to JMRI, which may make things a little easier.

    While your looking at MERG, have a look at the CBUS2 modules - there are 2 new CBUS based Raspberry Pi modules - so new they're still in development , one for the Pi and one for the Pi Zero. Only just discovered them while looking for info to your question, so I'm not sure of the capability of the modules.

    There are also the P2P-Lite layout comms system -
    "The prime objective of PTP-Lite is to act as a simple multiplexing communications system that reduces the
    number of wires and aids the connection of a layout to a conventional mimic panel. It is an inexpensive, twoway,
    PIC-based system employing a standard RS485 twisted pair, that is easy to set up and that has potential
    for development to add a computer interface at a later stage if required."

    Allowing detection, display via mini panels and control of accesories e.g. Points, Signals, Occupation detectors etc, without having to have a full blown DCC system (it is independant of the loco control system so will work for both DCC and DC). You would however need to run a RS485 bus, and outdoors will need to be vermin proof - in our house that also includes Cat proof.

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    I use P2P-Lite, works well as do the laser detectors. Only thing to be aware of if thinking about using P2P is that you need to be really comfortable with soldering SMD components.


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