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Discussion in 'Meet The Team' started by Keith M, Sep 18, 2016.

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    Dec 16, 2015
    Well, my late Father (Ex-Navy) always used to say "One volunteer is worth ten 'Pressed' men", so here I am, and hopefully I can match up to the standard of the existing Mods team. Anyway, for those unaware of my 'credentials' (if that's the right word!) I'm uncomfortably close to 70, a retired Electrician, and like many, a 'returnee' to model railways after a gap of around 50 years, having started my present "00" gauge layout (Evers Hill & Littlemorton Junction) two and a half years ago. Like many, it's still an ongoing project, and shamefully, I can't presently run much stock as I'm in the process of upgrading many buildings from card to 'Skaledale' and 'Scenecraft' in an effort to inject more 3 dimensional detail, together with track alterations necessary to accommodate some of this. I'm into DCC and have a dozen or more sound fitted loco's and around 40 others DCC chipped, control by Lenz setup, turnouts and signals presently analogue controlled, but as I get a little deeper into the 'dark art' of electronics, anythings possible. I don't claim to be an 'Expert' ('Ex' is something that has been, 'spurt' is a drip under pressure) but any help and advice DCC-wise I can give, then you only have to ask.
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    Dec 5, 2017
    Thank Keith,
    A nice intro for the gang. concludes our rogues gallery nicely. As Keith says, like the rest of the team, He / We are here to help so whether its a forum issue ....... trying to find your way around or maybe where to post a certain post, or a general modeling question,........ just ask and if we dont have the answer personally, we'll help to get you to someone who does.
    Again, welcome aboard Keith.

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