Laser Scanning 76km of NSW railway

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    Found myself with a bit of free time today and extracted my favourite type of portal for the overheads in the Blue Mountains. This is a normal double track portal with an extension for a relief line. These were alway intriguing for me as generally this relief line was rarely wired, despite the portal being designed to do so, and now, often the relief line has been removed, making these structures really stand out in their redundancy. For me, they are an essential part of the picture and one of my favourites.

    PS. 3D printing of these might work, but the strength could be the issue especially if they were to be "wired up". Portals are simple structures though, and should be quite easy to model using standard sections, just like the real thing.
    The layout "Mullet Creek", which now resides at the shop of Australian Modeller, has portals made out of rail, not quite correct as not strictly beams, but they do a reasonably good job, even close up, and they would have the strength required.
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