Making a DMS for a Class117 DMU by cut and shut

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    Mar 2, 2019
    Hi All,

    Apologies if this topic has been done to death in times past but I cant find any appropriate links!

    I am looking to modernize a couple of 00 gauge Lime Class 117s by converting the unpowered DMBS to a DMS.
    I seem to recollect that someone used to do a kit for this?

    Has anyone experience of doing this?
    Even better, is there any brave soul out there who would be willing to do this work for me?

    Any information gratefully received.

    Many thanks
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    Oct 15, 2016
    Hello Tallpaul70 and others,

    1 /

    A conversion kit GBP 12.50. This is designed for the Lima DMBS to DMS using resin and plastic castings.

    Be aware that the Lima intermediate trailer is NOT a Class 117 unit, but the GRCW version, and therefore NOT suitable to cut and shut a DMBS to a DMS.

    However, you can use the Intermediate trailer chassis to make an unpowered DTS.

    2 / Chris Leigh once did w/m cab end castings, which occasionally turn up. I purchased mine many years ago from Holt Model Railways in Swansea, Wales, UK.

    3 / I also suggest that you check out the Cheona Publications soft back, landscape format book on BR DMUs, which gives a good series of drawings for first generation DMUs.

    Regards, Echidna
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