My Attempt at Backdrops

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    Nov 15, 2016
    I have a bit of a conundrum about what I am going to do with this post.
    It is structural so chopping a bit out of it is not an option.



    My thoughts are either a tunnel or a cutting through a mountain spur, the track runs down behind it and there is only about 25mm either side of the track for clearance.
    Rough sketches for a tunnel idea, a cutting would be similar with out the covering so access from top is still there.

    Tunnell (1).jpg


    I am leaning towards the cutting any other thoughts on how I can hide it?
    All thoughts/suggestions welcome.

    I have started a Blog to document the progress of my 2 railways with more details and pictures, plus later I will add "How I did it" posts.
    Nothing real sophisticated yet but refinement will happen over time, I am actually enjoying playing with it and recommend it to others if they were so inclined..

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