O gauge Will Hay themed wagon.

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    I’m posting on behalf of a friend to share the chances of owning something rather special..

    “Calling all O gauge modellers!

    I've decided to bite the bullet and offer a wagon in O gauge - but there's a bit of a catch. I've never released an O gauge wagon before, so I need to know I can cover my costs before placing the order with the manufacturer.

    The cost of these wagons is much higher than the usual OO wagons so they will only be produced if at least 20 are sold on pre-order. If this goal is not reached by 22nd July 2022, all orders will be cancelled and refunded in full.

    With that in mind, please place your pre-order today (and save £5): https://www.photogra-fix.com/railways

    This 'Buggleskelly Ltd. Quarry Owners & Tarmacadam Manufacturer' 7 plank open wagon has the following features:

    • Finely moulded body and chassis with internal detail represented

    • Opening side doors

    • Blackened strapping and metalwork

    • Finely applied livery and printed details

    • Profiled wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets

    • Metal sprung buffers

    • 3 link metal coupling chain with sprung coupling hook

    Next Train's Gone!



    Hope this is of interest to some?

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