Painting and Installing retaining walls

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  1. Gary

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    Dec 5, 2015
    For those who are modelling retaining walls in air drying clay (Das or similar) or plaster, may find this link useful. I have used this technique on my sons layout and it works a treat !

    A couple of pics from my own attempts on cast and scribed plaster, from 4.5 years ago...



    This could be used on Townstreet models as well. :thumbup:

    Cheers, Gary.
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    Dec 5, 2017
    Fantastic video Gary.

    I use the same painting technique on the Townstreet stuff.

    One thing, once you have all the base coats on. Let the paint dry totally and then emerge the whole thing in a bowl of Luke warm water with a touch of washing up liquid in it. Shake of the excess water then apply a small brush loaded with your mortar colour, the washing up liquid speeds the painting of the mortar coats.

    The paint will race through the mortar coats.

    First class how too, thanks for sharing.


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