Peco O gauge points : wiring for DCC

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    Here I have a short summary on modifying Peco O gauge points for use with dcc. Some of our members know how to do this, but some new members may not. These simple steps can be used for OO guage points as well.

    On the bottom side of the points you will find several small wires. These connect the point blades to the frog. Peco chose this option so that the polarity of the frog is switched when the points are thrown.

    To be dcc reliant, these wires need to be cut.

    Next up, the point blades need to be wired for faultless power conductivity. I chose to solder wires to each side of the rail joiner on the switch blades to the outer stock rails. The pic below shows the rail joiners and where I soldered link wires.

    You will need to allow some slack on the wires closest to the toe of the point to allow smooth movement of the blades. Solder your wires to the outside of the rail as if you are soldering dropper wires.

    Once complete, the wiring should look similar to this...

    Viewed from both sides of the point showing the solder joints.

    Well it is simple as that for the modifications.

    I'll follow up on how I manually operate these points via wire in tube and using slide switches for point control and frog polarity switching.

    Cheers, Gary.
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