Pennsylvanian Railway Film : The 16mm Railroad Movies of John M. Prophet III

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    Dec 5, 2015
    To those who like old archival footage of North American trains in Pennsylvania, this video that has added narration is definitely an eye opener.

    Filmed from late 1936 onward, John M. Prophet has caught some stunning footage from both track side and from on the trains. I expected a fair amount of jerky footage from riding the trains, but John knew what he was doing. As you could imagine, the film sequences are not that long, due to the film camera technologies of the 1930's, but you will see that John knew what he was doing.

    Captured in black and white and colour (not bad colour for 1937 either), the way the film has been spliced together is a testament to one man's collection of a bygone era.


    Cheers, Gary.
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