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    Nov 8, 2016
    Hello: My favourite topic military trains, well I have one of these excellent models, from Oxford Rail. The only way to express the sheer size of this mode is “realy big”.

    Firstly there are some realy good points:

    1 they run well and pull well,

    2 they traverse over points well

    3 detail is very good

    4 couplings are at a good height

    5 the colouring is good and the

    6 price is good

    There are a few small minor issues:

    1 weight

    2 size the gun will not fit over most bridges (Bachmann and Hornby) or though most tunnels (Peco and Hornby)

    3 the gun will not go up against your stations ( I acn only assume that this didnt happen in real life)

    4 some of the detailing parts on the gun I have where not glued in (rear cranes)

    5 The wheel trucks when you remove the gun from the box they have a tendency to lock against the body. And

    6 The fwd stowage boxes are in the open position this is important as they would have been shut when in transit.

    Some minor points that realy don’t stick out are the platforms at each side of the gun are brass and some of the fittings are also brass this adds to the weight.

    This item is very good, I'll get another one to use as a static model.


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    Where the photos of your one Richard
    They are a great looking model

    Got to say it’s the best price model on the market at the moment
    Got to say when you see an add like this one by rails, someone it is making way too much
    A basic tank wagon 4 wheel sets would be over 10 years since the original model was released ie tooling more than paid for RRP 59.95 sale 50.96

    Gun wagon newly tooled 15 sets of wheels articulated bogies, moving parts
    Moving Gun barrel RRP54.95 sale 44.50
    Someone is ripping us off

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