RailModel Midland Signal box 4mm

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    Aug 4, 2018
    I've recently commissioned Andy Pearce of Www.railmodel.co.uk to produce one of his kits in laser cut wood in 4mm, which is modified from his “Holloway” Midland Region signal box.

    I’ll hopefully post progress here, but on opening the box I’m quite impressed.

    Now, what I will say is, I’m building the prototype (see, not just Yorkie gets that privilege!) so may take a while, but on opening the box, I’m pleasantly surprised.
    Good written instructions, a CD Rom with photos of how to build it (no don’t referenced in the instructions) a coaster! :thumbs:, a smashing set of laser cut wood parts that have an odour of... bonfires!:p
    And acetate for glazing and an A4 sheet of grey card pre laser cut as roofing tiles.

    DC990D92-1423-4492-BBA4-4F1A4ADFD3C0.jpeg 865E2D56-6752-4071-8DEB-0739F91680B3.jpeg

    More in a few weeks due to holidays.
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    cant wait Andy :scratchchin: looks good

    Ian vt
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