Replacing old Triang Wheels

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    G`day Folks,
    Ray has come forward once again with some helpful tips worthy of posting on the forum.
    This time we have a method for replacing old Triang wheels with new , modern free running wheels.
    I will insert the text Ray sent me hereunder.



    2mm drill bit or punch

    Top Hat (shouldered) bearings

    Plain (non-shouldered) bearings

    12.6mm Spoked (Hornby spares R8097) or Solid/plain wheels (Hornby spares R8096)

    14.1mm 4-hole (Hornby Spares R8264)

    10.6 HO wheels (for Weltrol/Bogie Bolster) Liliput L587450


    (optional) blunted cocktail stick

    Black paint OR Sharpie pen

    GENERAL PROCEDURE (1 Plain and 1 Shouldered Bearing per axle)

    1. Determine which wheel on the axle is FIXED by holding one wheel and turning the other. The fixed wheel will turn the metal axle (check via the axle-box).
    2. Place a 2mm round punch/drill bit/nail in the Axle Box of the Wheel that is FREE TURNING. Push on the Axle holding the opposite end over a piece of wood with a hole in it. The axle should go through the opposite axle-box. Remove completely and drop out the wheels.
    3. Clean the holes in the axle boxes with spirit/lighter fuel.
    4. Place a SHOULDERED bearing into one axle-box.
    5. Place WHEELSET into axle-box without a bearing then locate into the Shouldered bearing.
    6. Drop a PLAIN bearing through the open axle-box hole to locate onto the other end of the axle.
    7. Take a small dab of BLU TACK and push on top of the PLAIN bearing. Smooth off any excess. REPEAT with SHOULDERED end.
    8. Check that the wheelset is SQUARE and runs freely and doesn’t drop out.
    9. Oil.
    10. Add one drop of superglue to the exposed ends of the Blu Tack.
    11. When dry, paint the Blu Tack with Black or Yellow paint or use a Sharpie pen

    FOR BOGIE BOLSTERS/WELLTROL (2 Shouldered Bearings required per axle)
    1. Place Blu Tack into axle-box holes after removing the wheels. Ensure Blu Tack is flush with inside of the bogie frame.
    2. Insert SHOULDERED Bearing in one axle-box from inside.
    3. Repeat with another SHOULDERED bearing for the other axle-box.
    4. Insert Wheelset (It will be loose)
    5. Push 2.5mm punch/drill/nail into axle-box to push the Blu Tack and bearing onto the wheelset. (You can use a blunted cocktail stick if you prefer)
    6. Repeat with opposite end.
    7. CENTRALISE the wheelset.
    8. Check for free running. Oil.
    9. (Optional) When ok, CAREFULLY, with a piece of thin wire or a pin, place a tiny drop of Superglue on the INSIDE of the bogie where each bearing is exposed.
    10. Superglue the exposed ends of the Blu Tack.
    11. Paint exposed Blu tack with Black or Yellow paint.

    COACHES/BLUE PULLMAN (NON-OPEN AXLE-BOXES with groove on inside of axle-box)

    1. Wheelset should simply PULL OUT by gently prising apart the plastic bogie.
    2. Place a tiny blob of Blu Tack into the inside of EACH axle box (about half the depth of the hole) Can use a bent axle from the old wheelset to ensure it is packed in squarely.
    3. Place a dab of Superglue into each hole onto the Blu Tack. Quickly remove any surplus glue with a Cotton Bud. Leave to dry slightly for a couple of minutes
    4. Place a SHOULDERED Bearing into each hole. SQUEEZE into place with pointed nosed pliers.
    5. Place new Wheelset into place on the bearings.
    6. Check for free running. If they are tight, carefully squeeze the axle-boxes together.
    7. Remove any surplus Blu Tack. Oil.

    SEE YOUTUBE Channel

    Johns Amazing Trains - chambs123

    Further to my instructions for swapping Triang wheels, the UK supplier Peter's Spares has available 10mm plain disc wheels for the Lowmac wagon Part Number PS33.

    :cheers::tophat:Ray & Gormo
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    Brilliant, thanks :thumbup:
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    Your welcome Vinylelpea

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