Returning Freight Locos from London to South Wales

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    Mar 2, 2019
    Hi Everyone,
    In Mike Pope's Photo Album "Steam Ramble South and West" there is a photo of 4 28xx and 38xx locos setting out in convoy from Southall Shed down the relief line. in October 1961.

    My Locoshed book from the period tells me two were from Seven Junction shed and two from Newport. The photo cation suggests that this happened weekly when there were no return freights for up trains.
    I cant find mention of this in relevant WTTs and I do not have the relevant Loco diagram books.

    So can anyone suggest a time of day for this movement? The photo was taken in October, in daylight, so I guess it was before 6pm, but any facts or theories would be appreciated!

    Many thanks
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    May 9, 2019
    It may have been to do with crop harvesting from the west country as the Western Region tended to press anything into operation to work vegetable extras up to London. What you may have is a picture of the locos returning home having been press ganged for one of those workings
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