Signalling - Warren Yard - BR 1960s

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    Here I discuss my approach to signalling on my layout, my reasoning, signal box diagrams, operation, and how I try and mimic some semblance of BR 1960s practice in the confines of space and limited knowledge of the subject.

    As an example of how I have implemented signalling I have described the access to and from Warren Yard which can be read here :-

    The image below shows BR Std 9F 92156 hauling an unfitted freight of chlorine wagons southbound past Warren Yard South box, it amazes me that such an unhealthy load was conveyed in that manner. At least the crew of this train has a van in place as barrier wagon, whether such practice was done in the early 1960s I do not know, perhaps someone could enlighten me.


    cropped DSCF6439 .JPG
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