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    These are the rules until Tom writes the proper ones

    Rule 1 well in our community Rule 1 ALWAYS applies

    2 Please at least Try to be polite. Abuse isn't clever, wont be tolerated and will be removed and the poster Possibly suspended or removed depending on severity of the offence. This does NOT mean we intend being heavy handed with censorship so if your comment is blunt. . . but a fair and honest opinion, then so be it. Everyone has a right to reply. You only need to ask one question of yourself. Would I let a child look at what I'm posting. ??....If the answer is no, well then It's not suitable material for this forum

    3 Please no spam or blatant advertising, But if you see a good product , receive good . . . or poor service then feel free to post it up with the usual caveats. .. It is YOUR opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of others on the forum etc.

    4 Copyright. . . Please at all times respect the Copyright of any material you post on this forum. . . YOU, the poster are responsible for any breaches , we just provide a platform, so please please take care and ONLY post material you have permission to reproduce. If in doubt ask a Moderator BEFORE posting.

    5 Re 4 above we assume that any material you post on platform1mrc Is free to be used by members for their Personal pursuit of our hobby,( Unless you mark it as copyrighted ), not for business use or monetary gain and only to be used elsewhere with the express permission of the original poster ( If that member is no longer a member then please assume that you do NOT have permission to use elsewhere )This /images/emoticons/169.gif is available in your emoticons library ( scroll right if you don't see it)
    6. We have included a PM facility for use by our members. Along with the provision of such a facility as well as the forum in general comes responsibility. Unfortunately our type of forum facility being small and insignificant in the back of " virtual nowhere " can make the ideal breeding ground for undesirable activity. People can join and use the forum ( more specifically the PM communication system ) to operate there network of dishonesty.

    With this in mind, One or two things that you should be aware of.

    6a) I ( Tom / Toto ) as owner of the forum am responsible for all content placed upon it. That is posts, images everything. Everything posted on the forum is stored on a main server which can be viewed at any time by the relevant authorities and is under the jurisdiction of US law. ( and possibly others )

    6b) All moderators have the ability to see any post in their general position as moderator and have the facility to use admin permissions with which to read anyone's PM's.

    6c) We can and will from time to time police the forum and it's contents to ensure that we are complying with any law that we are obliged to operate under.

    6d) should we come across any content which is perceived to fall under any inappropriate category for example, paedophilia, acts of terrorism or any other obvious subject matter, we shall without warning or hesitation hand such information along with any user details to the appropriate authorities. No exception.

    6e) in carrying out our obligations we may come across other opinions etc vented by the member whose PM's we may have entered. I would like to state clearly that We are not interested in using or acting on personal opinion ( toto is a tosser ) discovered in the process of vetting the forum for the intention of the above.

    6f) the alternative is the removal of the facility.

    7) Junior Section ( rules currently under draft. Section still officially to be opened to juniors )

    8). If you don't like the above rules. . . . There are others !

    ******** please note that these rules are for general guidance at this time and can be changed without any warning or notice being given by the Admin Team ********* In registering and posting / operating on this forum, you automatically agree to be governed and bound by the forum rules and any obligations in all and any law in any jurastiction placed upon the forum.

    It is each members own responsibility to acquaint themselves and satisfy themselves that they conduct their activities in line with all legal requirements.

    It is the responsibility of the individual member that they visit the forum rules from time to time to familiarise themselves with any potential changes to the rules of this forum and ensure their own compliance.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the above. Should there be any doubt in any of the above, please contact any of the moderators who will raise the query in order to provide the correct guidance.

    The Moderating team.
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    Just a suggestion...

    Should item 4 'Copyright' have a clause stating Platform 1's stance on copyright of images and data posted within - eg it belongs in the first place to the poster and secondly to Platform1?

    Thinking out loud that's all..... :©:
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    Thanks Mike , we do say that it is free for members use in the pursuit of our hobby, ( and not for use elsewhere unless permission is granted by the original poster to do so ) . . . Unless the original poster has marked it as :©: Maybe needs re wording as you say to take ownership within Platform 1 to cover any material we need to move or remove . Thanks for raising it I'll bring it up with the Mods

    And welcome aboard :)


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    Mar 13, 2016
    Following Toto's recent post about threads - I have posted to this as a reminder to all.

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