Western Region 1960/2 Fishy Operating Questions

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    I have a couple of topics with a Fishy content that I have questions on. I am posting them here so that I can get input from those of you who are not followers of my "Lower Thames Yard" layout thread.
    This all relates to the WR out of Paddington in 1960/2:-

    First Topic
    There was around 0740 a train that left Reading hauled by a 57xx taking fish vans along the line to stations between Reading and Slough.
    The Fish was a class C, so I am assuming it had a Passenger Brake Van rather than a Toad?
    So the next question is what sort of passenger Brake would have been used?

    I am not sure if any fish would have been carried in the van, but in some texts the train is referred to as a Fish and parcels train so parcels could have been carried.

    Second Topic
    In 1959, before the closure of Reading SR Station, there was a parcels (?) bay at the eastern end of Reading Station.

    On page 82 of " Through the Links at Southall and Old Oak Common" there is a picture taken from the approaching 1.15 Paddington to Weston Super Mare (due to pass Reading 1.48) of a Hall (presumably the Reading East End Pilot) on vans ready to pull them out of this bay. The text describes the bay as a Fish Dock and says they were to be attached to the 12.00 Oxford to Paddington Parcels (at Reading 1.36-2.00).

    My questions:-
    1) What traffic was handled in this bay
    2) What sort of vans were used?
    From what I can see of the vans, which are partly hidden by the Hall, they appear to be BGs?
    3) The 12.00 parcels from Oxford was a Hall job? Might the Hall in the pic be the train engine rather than my first idea of the Reading east end pilot?
    4) A likely candidate for bringing the vans to Reading is the 06.45 Paddington to Reading parcels, but this arrives at Reading at 10.04, which only allows 2 hours or so for unloading, so is this reasonable?

    Many thanks for any thoughts?

    Best regards
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    Hi Paul,
    If my memory serves me right as its a long time since I worked on the railway . I was in number 11 link at Old Oak Common and ran trains out of Paddington to Reading, Slough, Windsor, High Wycombe, Stains and Greenford. The bay I think you are referring to was used for loading parcels fish and different produce also I think DMUs as well .Sometimes the fish trains had toads attached if not a BG was used for carrying parcels very little fish were carried in them as they were in blue spot fish vans.We had 61xx 2-6-2s class steamers on most of our stock. Halls were used on lots of trains in and out of Reading. Kings and Castles were used on Express trains if they were available.
    Hope this helps,
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