Cement Works - 15 - Post Kiln - Work in Progress

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    I haven't posted much lately as the weather has been too cold in recent months for paint spraying in my shed, but I have converted a bedroom which became free to a 'model shop' (bliss) and getting busy on all the DiY activities actually planned for this year.

    Enough of the excuses!

    On the 'model shop' bench are the clinker/coal bulk store (20) and the post-mix building (23) which now incorporates gypsum silos (24).

    Both are based on Walthers kits with additional scratchbuilt sections and silos from Bachmann Scenecraft models.

    I will describe the purpose of these buildings and their construction in their own posts when completed, hopefully, soon.

    All my earlier posts in this series may be found here
    :- https://platform1mrc.com/p1mrc/index.php?forums/industrial-commercial/




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