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Discussion in 'DCC Control' started by Neil, Feb 2, 2020.

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    Oct 12, 2019
    Hi All, I decided to go down the NCE powercab route and purchased the USB interface to go along with it and downloaded JMRI, all well so far.
    The next thing I wanted to try, in preparation for computer and signal control, was block detection. I decided to choose the Digitrax BDL168 for this purpose and in order for the computer to communicate with it I purchased the RRcirkits Loconet to usb interface, I connected everything up and configured ports etc. and then the problems began.
    Being unable to establish a connection between the RRcirkits interface and the BDL168 via loconet, I did some reading and discovered that the Loconet will not operate unless correctly terminated. This lead on to building a 15mA constant current injector and an additional 12v regulated supply.
    Having installed this I have the following situation:- JMRI will now send traffic out (can be seen in loconet monitor) but the BDL does not either receive it or respond to it (I have configured the BDL168 via push buttons to be set for Direct home wiring), which apparently sets op sws 11 & 12 to "thrown" configuring the BDL to master and terminator.
    However after this I have the following situation - Both green lights "On" on the Interface unit and a flickering Red light when JMRI is sending traffic, The green led on the BDL flashes off every two seconds but the red led never flashes, any and all help appreciated - Neil
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    Dec 5, 2015
    Hi Neil

    Sorry, I'm not going to be much help to you here, I have no experience of working with loconet.

    Can JMRI see the BDL168 via the RRcirkits interface ?

    Don't know if this will help JMRI & BDL168

    This may also be of help JMRI & Loconet addressing

    I assume you may have already read this but you never know

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    Mar 23, 2018

    Have you resolved this issue?

    I have been Digitrax since the 90s but I have never used in conjunction with NCE.

    I don't have an operational layout at the moment so I am relying on my memory which can be faulty.

    The flashing green LED means that it recognises the presence of the Loconet and is receiving packets. The Red LED will flash when it "sees" a loco in the block.

    Digitrax peripherals are intelligent and the command station is dumb. This is how the peer to peer system works.

    When a peripheral transmits information to the Loconet other peripherals they will either ignore the transmission if it isn't for them or otherwise acknowledges the transmission. In either case, usually, a Red LED will flicker.

    The Red LED flashing when you send a JRMI command it is saying it has received some form of instruction. But as the BDL is basically a transmission device in doesn't respond to the instruction.

    So what does BDL do when you run a loco onto the block?


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